2021, sound installation.
128 broadband loudspeakers, stranded cable, spatial audio, 8 channel composition, 100 x 3.5 x 4 m

Intraregionale: sound art festival in the Hanover
The bats spend their winter in this corridor, almost 100 m long. In summer though, they live outside. Obviously the textures of sounds they make there, in an environment with meadows, castle wall, the banks of a lake, are richly varied. Summer or winter though, their sound frequencies are inaudible to us. Using a bat detector, Clara Oppel records these summer sounds, transposes them to a frequency range accessible to us, transforms them and rearranges them for eight groups of loudspeakers. The resulting spatial audio composition resounds in the currently batless passage. A particular feature of the work is the sheer length of the space. As visitors proceed along the passage, they perceive the sounds at time intervals which vary, depending on their distance from the loudspeakers.

Photos © Jürgen Brinkmann