The faraway hills are green

2012, sound sculpture.
cable carpet, chair, standard lamp, transducer, high and mid-range loudspeakers, 42 piezo sound converters, tempera on hard fibre, 4 channel composition
Connecting Sound etc., freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL, MQ Wien

Chair, floor lamp, cable structure, loudspeakers. All objects are connected with cables and constitute a three-dimensional still life. The cables transmit audio signals, but at the same time elude their technical function because they are an essential visual component of the installation. The cable illustrates. Like the cable, sound, weaving around almost without material form, also describes space and form. From one object to the next, the sound waves illustrate their acoustic movements. They enter into the action and flow out again. In between are text passages from the book Conference of the Birds by Farriduddin Attar. Beyond any certainty, a person reflects on existence, pondering ‘what is the world?‘

Photos © Clara Oppel